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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Wireless Network Not Connected

If you are using a wired connection you'll find that part deem and it's not applicable, it's only if you are using a wireless connection and it would be disconnected if you still didn't enter the WEP or WPA key on the "Edit Settings" part on the "Network Setting" on the Xbox 360 dashboard is not set so, we need then to get the key and enter it correctly so it would be connected, also it might be something related to the distance between your Xbox 360 console & your router so even try to put it someway closer to the router even for a couple of minutes to try it.

Well, the WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) or WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) key is a security key for your network to prevent any undesired device from connecting to your wireless network (your neighbor’s for example).

You can get this security key from your router manufacturer customer support or ISP (Internet Service Provider) customer support but not from the Xbox 360 Customer support at all.
Then go on the Dashboard of your Xbox 360 console to the "System" area then "Network Settings" then "Restore to factory defaults" it will ask you to apply settings first so click apply settings.
Then go back to the "Network Settings" and this time go to "Edit Settings", you'll find the screen here divided into "Basic" & "Additional" settings.

On the "Basic Settings" part you'll find down there your wireless settings (wireless mode, Network Name.....) so, select that part and your Xbox 360 console will automatically search for your wireless network, then you just select it from the list of networks if it found more than one network, here it will ask you for the WEP or WPA key & when you enter the key it will ask you to apply settings to you choose "Test Xbox Live" & it supposed to be connected then.

If you faced any other kind of troubles with this part failing even after you tried these steps please don't hesitate to leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

I go through the steps to set it up, but the wireless connection still states not connected. I entered the WEP for my network, click on test xbox live, and it still says not connected.

I get green bars for my signal strength from my router.

xbox 360 supprot said...

Just to help you with your connection I'll need to know first where do you live? who is your Internet Service Provider (ISP)? what's the wireless device you are using? what's the brand of this wireless device? what's the color of the light on the wireless network adapter? and how far is the console from the wireless device? because the resloution would depend on many factors. Try to gather this information and leave me a comment.

Anonymous said...

Heya - I can't change my wireless settings because this section is greyed out and i can't even select it to make any changes. Please could you let me know why this might be? x

xbox 360 supprot said...

Hello there, regarding this issue you're facing with your wireless connection. Actually you face this issue because the wireless network adapter is not getting any connection from the wireless device. Try it in another usb port, it should work if not I believe it's something wrong with the wireless network adapter. If the light on the wireless network adapter is flashing red for sure the wireless network adapter is faulty. If it is steady red, try to put the Xbox 360 closer to the wireless network adapter, If you did so and the wireless section is still grey. You'll need to exchange your wireless network adapter. I hope it works with you, and please let me know if you wanna ask about any thing else.

Anonymous said...

Iam having a simalir problem. My Wireless network adapter is a steady red and when i test Xbox live connection the wireless network say not connected. There is no security on my router and it is working on other things. My xbox is only about 15ft from the router. any help would be great

xbox 360 support said...

If you are sure there is no security on the router you'll need to contact your router's support and ask them to reconfigure the router.
I hope this might help.

Anonymous said...

hi iv done all the steps to set xboxlive but when i say test conection it says network disconected and fails iv had the 360 in for repair check with my provider and got a new wireless bridge but it dose not work the light is steddy red and the signal is full i have to laptops a mac and a sony one both use wireless and iv had no problems with them so whatshould i do?

xbox 360 help blog said...

Hi there,

First are you sure you are using Microsoft wireless network adapter?

If you get wireless network not connected as I got from your words what you need to do is to follow the above steps on this page.
Read it carefully and I believe it'll help you.

Cheers now,

andrew said...

HI, CAn you help.
I am having similar problems but my setup is as follows:
1. I connect my xbox360 to a d-link wireless bridge with a rj45 cable.
2. The bridge then communicates with my belkin wireless modem router.
How can I access the wireless mode to change the settings on the xbox?
How can I access this to enter the WEP or WPA key? (xbox works fine plugged directly into router).
I'm a bit confused on this so any help would be really appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I am having the same problems and xbox live support couldn't help me. When I first called they said it was a defective wireless network adapter, I went and got a new one and had the same problem. It sees my network (SSID is available) it asks for my WEP, which I enter, I get 3 to 4 bars on signal strength, but the test consistently fails. I tried diabling the WEP with the same results. If anyone has found a fix for this, please let me know. Thanks.

xbox 360 help blog said...

Hi Andrew,

To access the wireless settings part on the Xbox dashboard go to:
1- System
2- Network Settings
3- Edit Settings
4- In the Basic settings section you'll find your wireless settings.

So, select that part and your Xbox 360 console will automatically search for your wireless network, then you just select it from the list of networks if it found more than one network, here it will ask you for the WEP or WPA key & when you enter the key it will ask you to apply settings to you choose "Test Xbox Live" & it supposed to be connected then.

Hope this helps and if you faced any other issues don't hesitate to leave another comment.

Cheers now,

xbox 360 help blog said...

Hi there, (January 23, 2008 6:37 PM)

I believe what you are facing now is related to the wireless router's configuration.
So you'll need to try the following:
1- Contact your router's support and ask them to lower the firewalls on the router.

2- Your router might apply a MAC filtering option, which is an option that blocks any unknown MAC address (the ID of any device) from accessing to your wireless network, and if it applies that kind of security you’ll find your Xbox 360 MAC address on the list there so, allow the Xbox 360 to get connected to the network, or even you can just turn off the MAC access control option instead of that. Just ask your router's support to do this for you.

3- If even after you turn off the MAC filtering option on your router settings your Xbox 360 can't still get connected to Xbox Live you need then to update your router firmware (The router software). Your router's support can do this for you.

If you tried all above steps and still faced any issues don't hesitate to leave another comment but next time tell me what's the brand of your router and how does your connection goes at home.

Cheers now,

Anonymous said... goes...

Just bought an xbox 360 and tried to connect it to my wireless network...

Let me start by saying i have tried every thing i can think of at this point...

I have the Linksys WRT54GS wireless router...DHCP enabled between 100 to 150...WEP enabled...firmware up to date...mac filtering off..

I am able to connect to my network but it fails to obtain an IP address from the router...its receiving a strong signal...

Ive searched numerous forums on the net and tried every suggestion i could find...attempted giving it a static ip...tried disabling the router firewall...tried giving it an unobstructed connection through DMZ Host...have reset the factory defaults several times...forwarded the proper ports when attempting to give it a static IP address...disabled name it and i have tried it...from "power cycling" my modem and router to more advanced attempts to no avail...if anyone out there has heard of unique problems or solutions please let me know. I still keep getting the "your console failed to negotiate an IP lease with the DHCP server" error message.

xbox 360 help blog said...

Hi there,

Do you use Microsoft's wireless network adapter??!!!...

Anonymous said...

Recently i exchanged my XBox 360 wireless adapter because i was having technical issues with it. Well now i try to set it up at home and it will stay a steady solid red?! and when i try to change settings in wireless mode it will not allow me to access it. I used to be able to access the wireless mode and view other networks, however now i cant. I am starting to get frustrated. This is my third exchange and the past 2 are not working. Any tips?

xbox 360 help blog said...

Hi there,

Red light means that your adapter is faulty you'll need to exchange it, sorry.


Anonymous said...

If a red steady light means that it's faulty and I have to exchange it, why does both the manual and the support say that a red steady light means that the adapter is ready to connect to a wireless access point?

I have the same problem as above.
I have a D-Link DGL-4300 router and a Wireless network adapter and it's no problem to connect to Live with a wire. The problem is that when I start my console to try connect wireless, the 'Wireless Mode' is grey (I can't choose it).

// Majjkell

xbox 360 help blog said...

Hi Majjkell,

First you say you get the steady red light on the wireless network adapter. So it's fine not faulty.
You'll need to try it on another connection. If it works it'll be some configurations that you need to do.

1- Make sure your wireless router broadcast (SSID) is not disabled. You can check your router manual for information about enabling SSID broadcast or even contact the router's support.

2- Make sure there is no obstacle between your Xbox 360 console and your wireless router.

3- Try to turn off any device that might interfere with your wireless network (for example, microwave or 2.4-GHz telephones).

4- And the most important thing:
If the MAC filtering option is enabled on your wireless router make sure you add the MAC address of your Xbox 360 console to the list of allowed MAC addresses.
Or you can even turn off the MAC filtering.
Hope this helps and don't forget to feed me back.


Anonymous said...

Hi again

The thing is that I don't know anyone ealse that uses wireless connection, so it's kind of hard.

1-I checked my router broadcast and it's enabled.

2-It isn't

3-My computer and my xbox stands in pretty much the same place and it's no problems with the connection to my computer.

4-The MAC filtering is disabled.

// Majjkell

lucas said...

i tested xbox live and it said wireless network not conected so i clicked edit settings and chose my network then it asked me to type in the WPA key so i typed it in like 10 times and it still says no wireless conetcion found. what do i do

Calum said...

Hey i've been frantically searching for an answer as to why my xbox won't connect to live.

I have an Xbox360 Elite with a Microsoft wireless Adapter.

The light displayed is a Solid Red, (i have tried all 3 usb ports)

The "wireless Mode" section is greyed out so i am unable to access that area :(

I use a Wanadoo Livebox which works fine with both my laptop and my other computer.

Please provide me with an answer to this problem, I can't find anywhere which seems to help.


Taz said...


My network adapter worked perfectly on my xbox this morning. I also purchased a data migration kit that i used to put the data from my 20g hard drive on to my new 120g hard drive with my Elite. That finished and now every time i try to connect to xbox live since then it says the wireless network is not connected. I have entered the pass code WPA thing and it can see my router etc but it always says the wireless network is not connected. The light on my network adapter is steady red meaning it is ready to connect to a network. Please help me :D i have reset settings etc but that doesn't help.

Anonymous said...

For the past few months my xbox 360 has been connecting fine to my router and I could get on xbox live fine.
The other day as I was remodeling the house I had to move the xbox 360 downstairs. My router is upstairs.
When I try to connect to xbox live the tests say that my xbox can't connect to my wireless network.
However, when I go to edit settings it shows that I am indeed connected to my wireless network and have full bars.
I am using an official MS adapter and I have full lights.
Also, I don't think the problem is that the adapter is to far from my router because it is next to a computer downstairs which is fully connected to the router.
Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Guy said...

I had the same problem (wireless panel gray, led steady red) - it turned out that the actual wireless adapter was damaged (although it did not show the blinking red light).
I went to the store, replaced with another, which just worked like a charm.
Oh all these wasted hours trying to get the old one to work. I could have spend them playing GTAIV.
what a shame, microsoft.

Anonymous said...

i have a TP-link router. it finds my wireless, but when i test the connection is says "not connected". i have read above posts and have noticed a step that does not appear on my xbox. my xbox does not ask me for a "WEP" or "WAP" key...
also, my wireless has "no security".
how can i get the xbox wireless adapter to work?

Anonymous said...

When i connect the xbox 360 wireless adaptor the test connection says that it's not connected. I think that at the bottome of the screen it is set to "link" instead of "act" but i don't know how to change it.
What do i do?

Jennifer said...

I just changed the time zone to the right time zone on my router and my wireless adaptor picked up the router and everything is fine.

Anonymous said...

Ok here is what I did to fix a similar problem. I went into the xbox network settings and under wireless i reset to the factory defaults to wipe out any lingering cache issues. then I went into the wireless settings searched for my network, entered the WPA (btw WAP2 is not supported don't waste your time and WEP sucks so just use WPA) password and viola.

good luck - have fun

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am an Xbl user a day ago I was conected I was working great. Then I shut down my system,came back to play and I couldn't connect. I use wireless I have the black adapter in which I. Have been using for a few months and now it wont work Plez help, ty zek1200 my Xbox gamertag