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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Migrate Xbox Account From The Original Xbox To The Xbox 360

If you have an account (a gamertag) on the Original Xbox and now you got the Xbox 360 and you want to enjoy the new features of the Xbox 360 Live but you want to keep the same profile. You only need to migrate your Original Xbox gamertag to the Xbox 360, just follow these steps:

1- First make sure the internet connection is ok on the Xbox 360 console.
2- If you are signed in to a profile on the Xbox 360, sign out.
3- In the Live section in the dasboard of the Xbox 360, Select Recover Gamertag from Xbox Live , then press the A button.
4- Follow the directions on the screen untill you complete the account migration.

- If your Xbox Live account has Windows Live ID you need to enter your Windows Live ID and your password.
- If you don't have Windows Live ID (email at,, you need to create a new one or you can use your own email but you will need to register it with microsoft on

NOTE : Trial accounts cannot be migrated to Xbox 360.
Accounts having billing issues cannot be migrated to Xbox 360.