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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Xbox 360 teamed up with British Telecom

Microsoft teamed up with British Telecom to deliver TV, music and movies-on-demand via the HD-ready ‘BT Vision’ service, which is coming to Xbox 360 very soon.
How cool is that? Cooler than you think - seriously!

For those of you not yet clued in, BT Vision is a groundbreaking service which allows BT customers to watch, pause, rewind and record any of the 60+ Freeview television and digital radio channels.
Better still it also grants users instant access to a library comprising thousands of hours of premium on-demand content and numerous subscription channels. We’re talking hit TV shows, top music videos, blockbuster movies, sporting events (such as near-live Premiership football) and the like. Regular BT Vision customers need to install a special set-top box to get all this, but you can have it all at your fingertips using your brilliant 360.
Of course, with BT Vision running on the Xbox 360 there are other advantages too, such as voice chat, sending and receiving instant text messages, Xbox Live Market place and other community features and now that the technologies have converged they can all be enjoyed without having to interrupt your TV viewing.
See, we told you it was cool! So how much, how soon and how do you sign up?
We don’t have all the details just yet, but the Freeview content is free, obviously, the service is scheduled to launch around the middle of the year and it’s open to all existing (and future) BT customers.
Beyond that you’ll have to keep a lid on your brimming enthusiasm until we have more concrete information.
Rest assured we’ll let you know the very instant we find out. If not sooner!