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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Windows Media Center firewall ports

Are you trying to stream music, pictues or videos from your Windows Media Center computer on your Xbox 360?
Is it not working?
Do you get "PC selected failed" when you test the connection?

Basically you are not able to play music because you have a firewall programme installed on your PC blocking the connection between the Xbox 360 and the computer. And this firewall is something other than Windows firewall.

For the Xbox 360 and the computer to communicate there should be some ports opened on your Firewall programme on the PC. (Windows firewall already opens the correct ports for the communication between the Computer and the Xbox 360)

To open these firewall ports, you must know the name of the program, the port that the program needs, and the direction of the communication signal.
Below are the ports that you should open for Windows Media Center Based PC:

For the manual setting of your firewall, you'll need to check the firewall documentation.

For Windows Media Connect PC firewall settings press here.