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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Recover Xbox Live Profile to Xbox 360 Hard drive or Memory Unit

What would you do if your profile is deleted ? Is it lost that way ? Won't you get it back ?
It's not lost and sure you can get it back. You only need to recover it on your Hard drive again.
And what would you do if you want to play on your friend's Xbox but using your own gamertag?
You only need to recover it on his Hard drive.
To recover your Xbox Live account , just follow the following steps :
1- If you are signed in to a profile, sign out. Go on the Xbox Live section of the dashboard, press the X button twice on the Xbox 360 controller then select Yes, Sign out.
2- In the Xbox Live section, Select Recover Gamertag from Xbox Live, then press the A button.
3- Follow the directions on the screen to complete the account recovery.
And you will download your account again from Xbox Live server on the hard drive or the memory unit.

NOTE - If you recover the Xbox Live account on hard drive or memory unit, the other copies of this Xbox Live account on any other hard drives or memory units will be disabled.
- If you recover your profile from original Xbox to Xbox 360, the copy of the profile on the original Xbox is not disabled unless you recover it on an original Xbox.
- If you have a pass code for the Xbox Live profile that you will recover it will be erased and you will need to create new pass code. But on the original Xbox it won't reset the pass code for this profile.


Patrick Iova said...

my 360 elite was deleated, but i never regestered or nothiong, so i cant get my profie back can i ???

xbox 360 help blog said...

Hi Patrick Iova,

Sorry I didn't get that. Do you mean you have a gamertag, it was deleted and you want to get it back now? Let me ask is it an online or an offline profile?
If it's an offline one and you deleted it by mistake. Sorry tell you so but you won't get it back.
But if it's an online profile you can recover it using the above steps on this page on the blog..


Anonymous said...

i created a gamertag when i brought my first xbox 360(premium) then i had alot of problems sold it on a brought an elite. however i was trying to download my previous gamertag and i cant remember any of the contact info i put in, all i know is the gamertag, any solution?......please

xbox 360 help blog said...

Hi there,

The only thing is that you can try contact Xbox Support and give them your information and they can help you with the rest of it.
Give it a go. I'm not sure if that will help.


Anonymous said...

I have a problem. My 360 got the RROD and I brought it in to EB Games, and got a new console, but kept my HDD. So everythings working great until my Fallout 3 starts freezing. Shortly after my gamertag wont load it says "xbox live member ship is invalid, please use another gamertag or recover yours". When I go to recover it gets halfway then gives me an error saying "Please make sure you have a connection to the internet and that your HDD is properly connected. How do I get my profile back on and working?

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...

I have game add ons that don't work. Thier on my hard drive but I can't play them, when I load my games it says that game relies on game content is no longer present . Some objects are no longer available . Afterimage loaded my saved game of my merory card To my hard drive can I still use them if I go connect to xbox live ?????????

Braeden said...

Excuse me, I have a question if that's ok.

I originally had an xbox 360, and created a gamertag for xbox live. With that gamertag I bought two DLC's for games I really love, and was able to play only one of them. My 360 got the red ring of death before I got to play the second, and I was forced to buy a second Xbox 360.

Now I have the 360 Elite, and I found out how to recover my gamertag and redownload my DLC's. But now the DLC won't work unless I'm hooked up to Xbox Live! I hear this is because my gamertag still belongs to my old 360 or something-- Is there some way I can fully transfer it over, or make it so I can play the DLC's offline?

Please, and thank you for your help, I'd really appreciate anything you can do to help me.