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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Upgrade Xbox Live child account

Is your Xbox Live account a child account?
Did you create your account before the 18th?
Do you want to change it to an adult one?
Are you 18+ now?

Now Microsoft allows you to promote your child account to an adult account after you step in your 18th year.
This promotion removes the Family Settings and Xbox LIVE restrictions.
To promote your account, you must agree again to the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and marketing opt-ins.

Here's how to promote your child account:

1- On the Xbox Dashboard, Select your gamer profile.
2- Choose Account management.
3- Choose Promote Child Account.
And follow the steps.

Note: If your parent's credit card was on your account, you must enter a new one to replace it.


Anonymous said...

Hi... My father and i have been trying to fix an bug on the xbox via your support. We try to make my Gamertag enable downloads from the Marketplace as my "dear" father disabled it years ago. When we try to enable it via the Family settings, it says it can't connect to the ID, thats because it's disabled... and my father can't remember the ID name ( Sadly the people can't help us find an disabled Live ID or enable it as none of us know wich it is...

Hope to get an answer soon as we have been trying for weeks.