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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack

Have you satisfied your appetite for Halo 3 yet? It’s barely been out of the office Xbox 360 since it arrived and we’re still hungry – ravenous, even – for more. And that’s very fortunate because ‘more’ is just what we’ve got, thanks to the Heroic Map Pack.

Came to Xbox LIVE (in a hail of Covenant bullets) on December 11th the Heroic Map Pack download comprises a trio of brand new multiplayer arenas, each offering a unique gameplay experience and all significantly extending the incomparable Halo 3 fun – and that’s got to be a good thing, right? Be assured, it totally is!

The first map, Standoff, is set in a symmetrical valley that is riddled with large boulders and sinuous trenches, making it ideal for sneaky sharp-shooters and mid-sized Slayer matches. Next up Rat’s Nest is a vast and twisty labyrinth that you wouldn’t really want to run around on foot, thus the action is more vehicular in nature – and is all the more explosive for it! Finally the Foundry describes itself as the ultimate Forge map. More or less every component of this cavernous warehouse can be moved and placed to your liking – stairways, bridges, tunnels and large walls to cower behind when you see us coming, guns a-blazing! With that kind of flexibility you might never need another map pack again. But that’s not how we play…

The Heroic Map Pack costs a mere 800 Microsoft Points and is available now – go check it out! However if you’re prepared to wait until spring 2008, when the next Halo 3 map pack is scheduled to launch, it will be totally free. How’s that for a triple-whammy of awesome news? But can you really keep your itchy trigger finger in check until next year? No, us neither!