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Monday, April 9, 2007

Project Gotham Racing (PGR3) cheats and codes

Cheats List for PGR3:

Geometry Wars:
Geometry Wars games exist in the first garage (just like in PGR2). At the garage menu, select "more", then "walk around this garage". This should bring you to the two arcade machines - one with the original Geometry Wars from PGR2, the other with an older version. Note there is a 3 minute time limit on both machines.

Easy achievement points:
Set your car to a manual transmission then select the first speed challenge in hardcore mode. Stay in second gear until around the corner, then move through your gears. You will easily complete this course and gain 60 achievement points in the process.

Easy Pro Racer Badge:
First complete any event with the Hardcore difficulty setting, using the transmission of your choice, (speed events with the Ferrari F50 GT seem to be the easiest). Then change the transmission to manual, and the do the same event with the Novice difficulty setting. When you finish it, the game will think you used a manual transmission in the Hardcore difficulty setting and award you the Pro Racer badge.

Leave boundaries in Photo mode:
Complete a race and save the replay. Load the replay, then select the "Restart" option at the far right side of the toolbar. Move the pointer over the "Pause" icon on the tool bar. Press LB to cycle through the different camera views and choose the "drive past cam". This options is the next one past the "TV cam", and functions similarly except you can use your controller to turn the camera in that view. The "drive past cam" is often positioned outside of a track's boundary, depending on location. Wait until the replay moves the "drive past cam" view out of the track boundary. Quickly select the "Pause" icon on the toolbar.
If necessary, you can select the "Rewind" button for another attempt. While the replay is paused, select the "Photo mode" option on the toolbar. You should now be able to move your camera freely, outside of the track boundary. If you return within the boundaries, you will be stuck in them again. If this happens, you can return to the replay and try again.
You can move through solid objects, see unfinished areas, and car locations; and take pictures of anything visible.

Lots of Kudos:
you have to use the Pontiac GTO ( available through marketplace) for this technique. the first championship in career is in London . do the second race on that championship. when approaching a turn don't let of the gas and right when you get to the inside of the turn hit LT and turn when fully around a turn let up and straighten out you can get about 3k kudos in one race great for tacking on the last few kudos to get a new car.