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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mass Effect downloadable new pack

On March 10th 2008 Mass Effect new downloadable pack “Bring Down the Sky” is available on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Only for 400 MS points and you begin to explore a new world aboard the starship Normandy. This uncharted territory is no holiday destination however; it’s the Asgard system which is currently plagued by ferocious Batarians.
Deep inside Asgard there lies a human colony world called Terra Nova.

The content pack “Bring Down the Sky” is so named because a group of extremist Batarians have hijacked an asteroid station and have set it on a collision course with Terra Nova.
Thus the lives of millions of innocent civilians are in grave danger, and Commander Shepard has less than two hours to interject.
“Bring Down the Sky” is the first in a series of planned downloadable content for Mass Effect.

It adds like 90 minutes of exhilarating new sequences that benefit from the award-winning features of this action role-playing game – intelligent dialogue, tactical battles, and spectacular visuals to depict each scenario.

After completing “Bring Down the Sky” you will earn an Achievement of 50 score points.
What do you think? Does it worth??!!!