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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Microsoft Lowers Price of Xbox 360

Microsoft confirmed today that the Xbox 360 Pro (which is now being referred to simply as the Xbox 360 by MS) will get a $50 price cut, selling for $349.99 at US retail markets starting August 8. The Elite and Core Xbox 360 SKU’s will also both receive a price adjustment starting August 8, albeit smaller; The Elite will go down $30, selling for $449.99, while the Core will go down $20 to $279.99.

The Xbox 360 Pro (formerly $399.99) features a 20GB hard drive, wireless controller, Xbox 360 headset, and more. The Xbox 360 Core System (previously $299) now has a price of $279.99. The Xbox 360 Core comes with a wired controller and no HDD or headset.
The 120GB hard drive equipped Xbox 360 Elite (previously $479) will now be priced at $449.99. The Xbox 360 Elite is also black and features HDMI out.

But oh how fast things change—in the September issue (#74) of Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) John Rodman, senior product manager for Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE denied suspicions of a late summer price cut saying, “Right now [we have] no plans to reduce the prices of Xbox 360.”
It was only a matter of time though as leaked advertising from Wal Mart, Toys R Us and Circuit City began to surface last month showing evidence of a price drop.

The price cut will hit retail roughly a week before Madden NFL 08 hits store shelves and nearly a month before the release of Halo 3, both of which Microsoft knows will be major system sellers.

Last but not least is the Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition Console which will hit store shelves in September with a price of $399.99. The Halo 360 features a Spartan green-and-gold finish, matching Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, Xbox 360 20GB hard drive, Xbox 360 Headset, an Xbox 360 Play and Charge Kit, but most importantly, full HDMI capability. Halo 3 is sold seperately.