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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Change Windows Live ID associated to your gamertag

Do you have a gamertag and want to change the Windows Live ID associated to your gamertag?
If so follow the below steps:

  • Go to your Gamercard on the Xbox Live area of the dashboard, then select Account Management.
  • In the Account Management list, select Windows Live ID.
  • Choose Change Windows Live ID.
  • You will get this message:
    "Do you have another existing Windows Live ID to associate your Xbox Live account with?" So select Yes, I do
  • Then enter the password for the Windows Live ID that is currently associated with your Gamertag, and click Sign in.
  • Now enter the new e-mail address and the password for the new Windows Live ID that you want to associate with your gamertag, and select Sign in.
  • You'll get this message:
    "Do you want to change the Windows Live ID associated with your Xbox Live account?" So select Yes, change.
  • You'll get this message:
    “We have completed the Windows Live ID change to your Xbox Live account. You will be required to use your new Windows Live ID when you log on to Xbox Live or”
  • Just select "Update Contact Information" if you have to update your contact information.
  • Select Done.

Note: You can only change your Windows Live ID once in a 30 day period

Now you'll Xbox Live account is associated to the new windows Live ID


Anonymous said...

Almost 3 months ago the site hosting my xbox live accounts registered email went under (

Do you know of any possible way of changing my registered email address to something else even if i cannot log into the current one?