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Monday, September 8, 2008

Xbox360 New License transfer tool

The new Xbox 360 License Transfer Tool on makes self-service, voluntary license transfers for content purchased through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace possible for our community.
The license transfer tool lets you consolidate your downloaded content licenses to one console. For example, if you downloaded items from Xbox LIVE Marketplace on one console, then purchased another console later on and downloaded more content to the new one, your content would be licensed to two consoles.
This tool lets you download your older content licenses to your new console.
You can find it on


  • You won't need the License transfer tool if you sent your console for repair as licences are transferred automatically during the repair, you might need to download them again. You can find the steps on the Console After Repair page.
  • The tool can used only once every twelve months.
  • Movie rental licenses are not transferred. So make sure you watch your movies before using this tool.

Below are the transfer steps:

  1. Finish the process on
  2. Attach a hard drive or memory unit.
  3. Turn on the console.
  4. Sign in to Xbox LIVE with the gamer profile that originally downloaded the content.
  5. Go to Xbox LIVE Marketplace and select Account Management, Download History.
  6. Select an item and then select Download Again.
  7. Repeat the 5th step for each item in your download history.

Note: The content is no longer licensed to the old console. You can only use it while signed in to Xbox LIVE.