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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter New Missions Released

The hugely popular squad-based tactical shooter Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 ( GRAW2) is looking to draw players back into the battlefield with the release of five new co-op campaign missions.

Up to 16 players can compete over Xbox LIVE or through System Link, enjoying maps drawn from the original two Ghost Recon games for Xbox (Ghost Recon and Ghost Recon: Island Thunder) plus classic, fan favourite maps such as Railroad Bridge, Battlefield Caves and Plantation. Missions range from having to destroy a fleet of convoy vehicles to silencing artillery that is battering allied troops in a nearby village.

In addition to the five co-op maps there are nine adversarial maps available in the pack, seven of which are from previous games with two completely new environments. Here players can fight against each other in Ghost Recon’s various multiplayer modes.

All nine levels have been recreated using the pin-sharp graphics and fidelity of GRAW2 and as such will offer a blast of nostalgia to long term fans of the series while giving new players chance to investigate some classic level designs.

The pack introduces an additional 125 achievement points to play for. These tasks range from, for example, performing a grenade kill after you’ve already died to completing co-op maps without dying or re-spawning on hard difficulties.

The pack of nine maps is exceptional value and will offer players countless hours of multiplayer enjoyment over the forthcoming holiday season.

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