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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sign up with Virgin Media and get Xbox LIVE Gold Membership free for a year

Would you like to get superfast broadband speeds of up to 20Mb on cable, plus a fantastic phone service, and also get Xbox LIVE Gold Membership free - for a year?

Sure the answer will be yes.
If so just sign up to Virgin Media Broadband and Phone packages and you'll be entilted to get this amazing offer.

It doesn't matter how skilled a gamer you are!!
If your broadband's too slow, and your ping times are too high, you're toast. Virgin Broadband's top tier service is fastest for average ping, download and upload times (official).
That's because it comes via state of the art fibre-optic cable, unlike all the other providers who send theirs down telephone wires. There are other advantages too, like being able to download as many files and patches as you want, with no caps.

Prices start at just £9 a month when you take a phone service (for up to2Mb broadband). Plus, you get Xbox LIVE Gold Membership free for a year.
Now it really is game on.
To sign up visit

With virgin media enjoy:

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Watch live Play games on your PC
  • Download a music track in under 20 seconds
  • Download your favourite films and TV shows
  • Protect your PC with PCguard
Sign up now and don't let it go....!!!


Anonymous said...

does this include customers who are already with virgin?? ive just increased my broadband to 4meg??