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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

How to Create Xbox 360 Live Profile

If you want to go on Xbox 360 Live, you will need to have Xbox 360 Live enabled profile (online gamertag).

These are the steps to create a profile on Xbox 360 Live :
1- First you need to make sure the Xbox 360 Live is connected to the internet.
2- If you are signed in to a profile, sign out.
3- Then go on the Xbox Live section in the dashboard to Join Xbox Live.
4- Then press the A button twice and follow the steps on the screen.
5 - During the creation of your profile you will be asked to choose the membership type you want either Silver membership or Gold membership.

I'd advise you to choose Silver membership if this is your first, second or third online profile on this console.
As for the first three Xbox 360 Live profiles you are eligible for 1 Free month Gold trial if you choose Silver membership. It will be upgraded automatically to Gold but only for 1 month free.
After this month you will be downgraded to Silver or you can extend your sybscription either for 1 month, 3 month or 12 month using either a credit card ( Visa card, Master card or American Express ) or a prepaid card.

Note if this is your after the third online profile on this console, you can't have this free month gold trial.
And if you create this gamertag on you won't have the free month gold trial.


Anonymous said...

Is there a way to change the windows live ID associated with a gamertag? The one currently used is my brother's old one which a) he doesn't check/use anymore, b) he moved out and isn't home much.
I would like to somehow transfer the gamertag's email to my own current one. Is this possible?

xbox 360 help blog said...

Hi there,

So you want to change the Live ID associated with your gamertag?
Here's how to do so:
Go on the Xbox 360 Dashboard and click on the picture with your gamerscore and rep etc.
- Click on "Account Management"
- From here all you have to do is go to "Windows Live ID" and then follow the instructions.


Anonymous said...

but if you have a xboxlive gold membership and you change your windows id willl it affected the gold membership