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Monday, April 9, 2007

Rainbow Six Vegas cheats and codes

Rainbow Six Vegas cheats List:

Axe Easter Egg
On the Fremont Street level there is a bottle of Axe on a ledge. Shoot the bottle and the roof on Fremont Street changes to an animation of a girl in a bikini with some Axe materials in neon. A movie opens showing some outtakes and pretty funny Rainbow situations/early animations.

Secret Labs Mission
On the secret labs mission get past the first light machine gun nest and then breach the men in the next room. When you reach the next light machine gun you will find no enemies until you get to the hostage.

Copy Someone Elses Rank
Get a friend who has ranked up to Colonel and recover their Xbox Live account on your 360 (all you need is their gamertag, their email address and their password). Once you have recovered their account on your 360 sign in on their account and load Vegas. Using their account create a match (ie Team Survival room).
Once the match has loaded and you're in the lobby quit the room. As soon as the room starts shutting down as fast as you can sign out of their Xbox Live account and as fast as you can sign in to your account. Do this whilst the room is shutting down. You will sign in on your account before the room has closed, and when the room has closed and you're signed in on your account you will have your friends rank.
Now you need to put some points on your account otherwise it won't save - so join a room, or do some terrorist hunt. Once you have put some points on you can delete your friends account from your 360 hard drive. This process is really easy and works every time!

LVU Roof
Tetup a game of team sharpshooter with your friend and meet on the roof. There is goin to be a box to your left, go to it, lean up aginst it, and look over the box. Then you get up on it and have your friend couch down on the other side. Walk over their head and then have your friend pop up. You will be on the side of the roof.

Countdown Level Tip
When you first get in the elevater go to the door to the left. Look down and keep tapping LT until you go through the door. None of the enemies will have spawned yet, so you can quickly do the mission.

Fall and Don't Die!
In the middle of the steps to the helipad there are two elctical boxes. Go to the end with the outlet on it. Hold LT (left trigger) then look to the right. Then let go of all the buttons, you should be on the box then. Follow the fence to the first big vent and try to walk on it, you will just fall. Then go to where the left repels are and there will be an opening, walk out onto it. You will start to fall but you will never die.

Get Onto Calypso Casino Roof
When you start the level, go back up by the helicopter, and by the stairs there is 2 electrical boxes, go to the left one and press LT (left trigger) to get up against the electical box. Then once you are up against it press to the left with the left analog stick while holding LT then your guy should be floating in the air [dont let go of LT].
Then once you are floating press up on the left analog to look up over the boxes (although you are already over it) then quickly press down on the left analog stick and you should be up on top of the boxes. Once on top of the boxes just folow slowly on top of the railings until you have walked up on top of the roof.

Calypso Casino Glitch
Go to the helipad and there is a fence with 2 boxes on the first set of steps. Go there and hold left trigger and you should lean up again the box, then push up.
Your friend then needs to get underneath you and push you up so you should then be on the box. Walk across and onto the fence, walk all the way across it and there is some blue boxes. Drop down and you will be floating in mid air. You can shoot enemies, but they can't shoot you.


Anonymous said...

for the copy someone eles rank if ur lower rank then a colonel then will u get everything ur supose to unlock in the levels between?

say like im a major and i jus got my last set of armors if i were to zoom to colonel will ig et the camos and head gear or will i jus get the rank?

Anonymous said...

yes u will get the items tht come with it and if u go all the way up to elite u will get the custom camo. but not the achievement and be warned tht if the game moderators find out tht u glitched ur rank u can b suspended from x box live for 10 months.

Anonymous said...

yes and if u go to elite u will get the custom camo but no achievement.but if u are cought u will be suspended for 10 months from xbox live.

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